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Herb Merriweather


Herb Merriweather has been making strange noises and entertaining the voices in his head for most of his life. Experienced in radio and live announcing, his VO career really took off AFTER his 50th birthday (living proof that it’s NEVER too late). Audiobooks, games, cartoons, commercials, radio imaging and audio description are all a part of Herb’s audio universe. Currently he’s having the time of his life voicing ‘Harley’—the superhero helper dog in the Curtis and Grammy Kind Kids’ series. He is most prolific in the field of audio description, where he is the voice of countless films, documentaries and TV shows. He has been one of the description voices for the Tournament Of Roses  Parade for the past nine years. His vision for the future?  To be the voice of Victor Von Doom (Dr. Doom) in the MCU!

Bob Souer


From network television to the Internet, wherever the human voice is used, you can hear Bob tell amazing stories. He concentrates on narrating non-fiction audio books. From biography to history to science to Christian theology and anything else in the world of non-fiction, Bob loves to narrate these stories. He also specializes in eLearning narration for clients around the world. .

Northeast Elementary Giveaway!


See us featured in the Cumberland Times, as business owner, and author, Ella Holly, raises the awareness of kindness in the minds of young kids.